Monday, December 27, 2010

Do we have snow!!

New Jersey got walloped with a blizzard - the total snowfall for my area was 28.7 inches at last count.  The winds are whipping - I heard that they were as strong as a Category 1 hurricane.  The drifts are unbelievable, some of them 4 to 5 feet in the back yard, higher out front.

I took these pictures early this morning.  Poor Kylie just can't find her "spot."  I dug out a path and an open area, but it just isn't to her liking.  When she tries to get out of that area, she finds herself sinking into the snow up to her neck!

I'm going out in a bit to take pictures of the front after the shoveling - the piles of snow must be 10 feet or more in places!


  1. seriously WHITE out there!!!!
    stay warm.

    love your new blog name.



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